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Lose up to 15 lbs fast and Live Healthy.

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12 Weeks Fat Loss & Muscle Building

$10 / A DAY

Getting started is simple


Get your blood pumping with different daily workouts. Our custom workouts are designed to fit into your life, to dramatically increase your fitness and wellbeing in just a few weeks.


We believe eating should be enjoyable, so we customize your plan based on your body type, lifestyle, health history and give you a day-by-day nutrition schedule. 


Connect with your team 24/7. We are there to challenge, inspire you and support your journey to health and wellness.


We will discuss your current mindset, customized plan, personal goals, practical tips and suggestions that you may like to implement right away.


Our workouts are heavily focused on Strength Training, Flexibility and Mobility, Calisthenics  and HIIT Cardio. We'll help perfect your form with video tutorials.

Aesthetics Dynasty Training

The Human Body

The human body is very “smart” - it always strives to maintain a magnificent state of equilibrium: Metabolism, body temperature, blood sugar, hormone levels, acid-alkaline balance and every other system in the body, are all regulated within a narrow range that your body finds safe and comfortable. 

We believe in building fitness programs that are so enjoyable, you'll have no trouble sustaining them for weeks and years on end.

Aesthetics Dynasty Training

Combining bursts of high-intensity exercise with short rests or slow and steady movement is an efficient way to train, and can be done almost anywhere.

Aesthetics Dynasty Training Aesthetics Dynasty Training

Aesthetics Dynasty Community

Having a supportive community around your chosen activity can keep you motivated, push you to work out harder, and encourage you to stay committed to your fitness goals.

Remove all the stress and worries surrounding nutrition and fitness. Let us help you get the results that last a lifetime.


With a workout routine from Aesthetics DynastyI was able to completely transform my physique. If you are willing to put in the work, they will show you how to get the best results from your efforts. I will be incorporating their meal plan this month and I'm looking forward to even bigger gains.


Aesthetics Dynasty programs greatly expanded my exercise mix and introduced new and exciting exercises and variations to old routines. I remember the day I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office, 250 pounds. I had shoulder and knee pain as well as high blood pressure. Working with Aesthetics Dynasty last year, I have lost about 36 pounds, reduced my knee and shoulder pain and no longer need to take my blood pressure medication. This has been one gift that keeps on giving!


Having 2 bad knees , its so frustrating because I’ can’t workout like I used to anymore. Then I sign up with Aesthetics Dynasty , they were able to create a personalized training to prevent further injury, educate on how to train smart and lose weights. 


Aesthetics Dynasty Nutrition

program is designed for the enjoyment of people looking to eat and prepare healthier, tastier food while embracing a lifestyle of wellbeing and longevity. 


Aesthetics Dynasty training

program is optimized to help you reach your fitness goals, with strength training, full-body cardio, core, high-intensity circuits, and more.  


We keep you motivated by tracking your progress and other health metrics on real-time dashboards. 

Aesthetics Dynasty Training

A strong mind needs a strong body. Exercise both.

Our Story

Aesthetics Dynasty is a wellness brand born out of love and passion for nutrition, fitness, and athleisure. We’re committed to manufacturing premium-quality products to the highest demand of pro athletes with innovative designs. 

New Releases 

AESTHETIC WEAR: Train in activewear that supports your every move.

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