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OUR GIFT TO YOU: FREE SHIPPING. Product Care: The No Sweat Approach to Caring for Dirty Workout Clothes.

High performance workout clothing requires a little extra TLC. Follow these simple steps to maximize the lifespan and keep your activewear clean.

Tip #1 - Air Out Your Sweaty Clothes Immediately

Keeping your workout clothing stuffed in your backpack or gym bag can cause mold or mildew to form and lead to nasty odors. When you get home from your workout, immediately hang up your workout clothes until they’re dry or you’re ready to run a load of laundry.

Tip #2 - Turn Exercise Clothing Inside Out

Give your washing machine access to the most bacteria-ridden surfaces of your clothing by turning your bottoms, shirts, and undergarments inside out before you put them in the wash.

Tip #3 - Use the Right Amount of Detergent

If your clothes are really dirty, you might be tempted to use more detergent. But this won’t get your workout clothes any cleaner. In fact, it will cause soap to build up in the fibers of your clothing, which will attract new odor-causing bacteria so your clothes start to smell more quickly.

Tip #4 - Wash in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle

You don’t want a washing machine to beat up delicate performance fabrics too hard, and you also don’t want to expose them to high heat, which can destroy the fibers. To keep your athletic clothes effective for longer, wash them in cold water and opt for the gentle cycle.

Tip #5 - Air-Dry if Possible

To extend the life of your synthetic workout clothing, use the lowest heat setting on your dryer or air-dry your clothes entirely. Heat can exacerbate odors, damage the fabric, cause shrinkage or shape alterations, create more static and weaken the power of elastic.


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